Houdini In Five Minutes 06: Art Directing Your Scattered Spheres

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Houdini In Five Minutes

How about we start art directing our scattered spheres and rebuild our setup so we can paint where we want our objects to got? Look no further!

NOTE: As I might have mentioned, Mantra is by no means a fast render engine, so I decided to render out the preview images in this video using Octane. If you want to learn more about rendering in general and using third party render engines in Houdini, you might want to check out our premium course on rendering… 🙂

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  1. Great tutorial!!! Very helpful!!! This is a great format…..very easy to digest the information….keep up the good work.

  2. I really enjoyed the WTF moment at 2m45s…goddamn you Houdini! 🙂

    Kind of encouraging that weird / unexpected stuff happens to experienced users too!

  3. Thanks for your tutorials. Just would like to know how I fix the “paint” on attribpaint? i.e I want to change “N” to “P”? or make N smaller?

  4. im using version 17.5 because using cinema4d engine require that version…then i can’t find attribpaint in my houdini,is there any node could replace it?

    • Heyhey,

      in H17.5 you could abuse the Paint-SOP.

      Cheers, Mo

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