Houdini In Five Minutes 08: Exporting To Alembic

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Part of: Houdini in Five Minutes
Houdini In Five Minutes

A few words on how to get our animated geo out into other tools. And more importantly a few thoughts about helping yourself when stuck in Houdini.

NOTE: As I might have mentioned, Mantra is by no means a fast render engine, so I decided to render out the preview images in this video using Octane. If you want to learn more about rendering in general and using third party render engines in Houdini, you might want to check out our premium course on rendering… 🙂

Download Project File

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  1. Awesome tutorial series and happy to see the help browser 🙂 Keep up the good work – it’s a joy to follow your short tutorials!

  2. RiarioRovere

    Thanks! How to get as beautiful render as in preview?

    • Heyhey,

      have a look at the scene file, afaik I included a render setup in there.

      Cheers, Mo

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