Houdini In Five Minutes 12: Setting Up Particles

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Part of: Houdini in Five Minutes
Houdini In Five Minutes

Houdini isn’t just a great tool for procedural geometry creation – it’s also the single most powerful particle system we’ve seen to this day. Plus: The particles are deeply integrated into Houdini’s functionality, so you can combine them with virtually any tool Houdini has to offer.

This video will give you a brief introduction on how to set up your very first particle system using Houdini’s POPs (Particle Operators).

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  1. Hello Moritz
    Nice little tutorials from which you can take ideas and combine them with others. I always like to look at your crisply presented content.

    Best regards

  2. Greetings,
    I thank you for the tutorial and because of it I have been thinking about becoming a member on your patron.

    I do have a problem concerning Houdini In Five Minutes 12: Setting Up Particles

    I followed along until the end. I managed to create the particles ,and get them moving ,but the thing is they won’t draw anything including the font 5A.

    Can you please help me.

    kind regards
    Lendl Timm

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