Houdini In Five Minutes 14: Rendering Grains In Redshift

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Part of: Houdini in Five Minutes
Houdini In Five Minutes

After we’re done setting up our simulation, let’s render it! This time using Redshift, one of our favorite engines when it comes to working and rendering in Houdini. Yes it doesn’t come with Houdini. Yes it’s a third party addon. Yes it costs money. However we think that currently a third party engine (no matter if it’s Redshift, Octane, Vray, Arnold, Renderman, 3Delight or whatever you prefer) is about the only chance a small studio / freelancer has when it comes to rendering out sequences without using a render farm. So let’s get rendering!

For more on Vellum check out our free as well as premium tutorials on the subject.

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  1. daniel morton


    you said you’ve already set up the Redshift obj at the start. How did you do that please? This part of the process is missing so I can’t set the particles to be seen in Redshift and I don’t have the Redshift OBJ tab in Geometry. Great work on these tutorials by the way, super useful!

    • Hi Daniel,

      if you have Redshift installed correctly, the Redshift obj tab should automatically be added to every geometry node you add in Houdini’s OBJ context. If that’s not the case, select the object to which you want to add Redshift parameters and in Redshift’s shelf tab click on the ObjParms button.

      Cheers, Mo

      • Hi there,

        thank you so much for replying. I was able to add it with the shelf tool. Think I may have sign up to premium!


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  3. So, I’m learning a lot about Houdini in a short amount of time but I’m not able to render anything substantial out because I do not have a good third-party render engine. I tried downloading the free trials of renderman, octane, Arnold, vray, etc but they are not working for me. I have Houdini 19.5.303. Do ANY of these actually work in this version of Houdini??? Or is 19.5 just too new?

  4. I finally got the Redshift Renderer free trial so I could try everything out. I followed all of the settings to the T and my image is has no background, completely black, and when I look at the PNG’s in the image sequence in the output file its extremely dark. Looks nothing like what was in the RenderView. I don’t know what to do…. I’m at a loss.

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