Interference Patterns

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While on season break we received quite a few questions. One of those mails pointed us to the amazing work of Loris Cecchini, a sculptor who created (among other stunning artworks) those wave pattern sculptures. At first it didn’t seem clear what’s going on there.

However when you take a closer look it turns out those shapes are caused by what’s called wave interference. That’s when multiple waves overlap and create more complex shapes. Usually interference is displayed as a 2D graph or some sort of heatmap. However if you use the wave’s amplitude to move points of a plane in space, you can create those mesmerizing patterns.

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  1. You guys have helped me so much as a cg artist.I am all the way in Kenya,Africa and I have learned so much from you guys.Thank you.

    • Glad you like it 🙂 Sadly the link seems to be dead… Cheers, Mo

  2. That’s math folx !!!
    Life’s not fun without sin() 😉

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  4. sorry Moritz,
    I deleted it because I was waiting for you to upload it first to sideFX. it was just a bit of respect and humility.

    here is again :

  5. How might you remap this to manipulate a curved surface or a sphere, moving the points along the normals instead of the y-axis?

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