Keycap Sculptures (Disco Ball Tiling)

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When we received an E-Mail by Eduard, asking if we had any idea about disco ball packing, we were intrigued. Eduard pointed out that his (apparently very patient) wife manually tiled this sculpture and was wondering if there’s any way to automate it. He also pointed to these examples where a skull had been turned into a disco ball or this sculpture of a horse covered in keycaps by Babis Cloud.

What we came up with (and deem a pragmatic method of achieving a tiling similar to those examples) is based on one particular node in SideFX’s brilliant Labs toolkit – and works without the need to run any simulations!

Keycaps modeled by our dear friend Cornelius Dämmrich.

Be warned though, we’ll be doing our fair bit of (not too complicated) VEX in this one.

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