Low Poly Transform

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Blending smoothly between a high-poly mesh and its low-poly representation is a subtle but useful effect. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create two versions of the same object, one smooth and one facetted, with the exact same topology. This enables you to blend between the two using a falloff value.

We’ll use barycentric coordinates to interpolate the low-poly falloff values and transfer them to the high-poly mesh and then mix the positions and normal with VOPs.

Download start file

Download end file

Download bust model

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  1. TLDR;ish

    So, 30 long minutes of setup but no nice demonstration of the effect and no explanation nor example of what to use it for? Rly?

    • The demonstration is at the start
      Also, you can be creative and come up with some ideas, maybe something robotlike needs to become human, maybe its just to make a transition to a lower detip mesh less jarring.

      Come on.

    • Mark Fancher

      Here is the iconic demonstration of the potential this effect has: https://vimeo.com/190263717 – This is the basis of an extremely powerful morphing tool and we are all super lucky that they’re willing to share it with us. Thanks Entagma!

    • Not really is not really creative

      Haha, c’mon! You should be happy to find high quality resources like this for free. Also, they can teach you the tools, but they can’t teach you how to be creative. Stop raging around and try to be more proficient on your creative side. Good luck working in this industry with this kind of attitude. (because you will need). 🙂

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  3. Tomas Krejzek

    I love your tutorials. It is always pleasure to listen to it. I learn something and relax too.

  4. fantastic idea Manuel , really cultural, very nice work I loved to understood and finish it.

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