Quicktip: Double Pendulum In Vellum

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Another one of those physics/math/CG tropes is the double pendulum: Take a standard pendulum (one arm that can rotate around one or more axis) and attach another pundulum to its end. The fascination for this contraption comes from the fact that it behaves extremely different depending on its initial condition.

That means depending on how both pendulums are arranged before being allowed to swing freely, they move in radically different patterns. When you attach a tiny light (or LED) to the second pendulum’s arm, you’ll be able to trace intricate patterns of movement of these double pendulums.

With Vellum we’ve got a fast and easy to set up solver which allows us to simulate such double pendulums.

EDIT: Some of you noticed that I accidentally enabled visibility on this video last week. Well it was late and I didn’t pay proper attention to all those switches in Vimeo’s backend… So take it as a preview, you sneaky people 🙂

Download Project File (.hip)

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    • Thanks so much! And also impeccable german! Whish I could answer this in even half-decent japanese… 🙂 Cheers, Mo

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