1. Looking forward to it – and it would be *great* if you could keep Renderman on that list!

  2. Awesome! For me, either Vray or Mantra (everyone has mantra(for now))

  3. Mantra, Karma, RedShift and Renderman sounds fine to me

  4. Great idea! I’d really like to see Vray, especially since there is very little material dealing with Vray for Houdini. Even the official documentation is rather sparse.
    As Mantra seems to be a thing of the past, the upcoming Houdini engine should be interesting as well of course.

  5. I second that … Arnold is really good …. except for caustics.

  6. hi there,
    It would be great to learn more about biased and unbaised render engine and also more about latest Houdini Karma render.I think it is a beta in Houdini 18 version.

  7. Hello! first thank you guys for this amazing course, once again you guys dive in and teach the principles of how to achieve things instead of just showing us the end results! I have been searching for so long for a proper rendering course and I want to actually understand how to come up with an actual render fully in control of the process. Looking forward to this!

  8. If we can add some suggestions about the contents, I’d be happy to see some advice, tips and solutions for the displacement/tessellation problems (ie: Quixel textures on RBD fractured objects using displacement in both inside and outside), this lets room to explain and discuss about many features and caveats (texture space, rest sop, bump/displacement mapping, preventing cracks, round corners, connected/disconnected pieces, etc…). As you can see I’m basically concerned about Redshift+Houdini workflows.

  9. Thank you for the books! I would love to see more from Redshift and also possibly Octane, along with V-Ray, Realtime, Arnold, and Renderman. Thanks for all of the great tutorials!

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