1. How could you dynamically reassign the materialW so that it rotates based on the main direction the worm is pointing, so that it if rotates/collides/changes direction for any reason it still keeps moving “forward”? I assume it would involve a geometry wrangle in the vellum solver somehow extracting a directional vector (end points grouped during the setup, one subtracted from the other) and reattributing W? (I also assume that this could work on, for instance, a per-tentacle basis for a tentacled object, where a dynamically assigned W could cause the other tentacles to “reach” towards the predominant direction?)

  2. Benjamin

    I’ve been able to modify most of these Patreon courses to work with newer versions of Houdini, but I can’t figure out how to get this behavior to work in 18 or 18.5. When I open up the provided project in 17.5 it works fine, but the locomotion seems to break in 18.5 almost as if the friction is no longer working with the ground. Any ideas as to why this might be? The built in tetrahedral softbody nodes have changed and it looks like solid conform has been replaced with tetconform. Might this be what’s affecting it?

    • Hi Benjamin,

      I just uploaded an updated scene file. The issue here seems to be that there have been changes in the Vellum Configure Tetrahedral Soft Body preset in H18 – A simple reordering of nodes solves the issue. I’ve also attached a version of the setup which uses the slightly newer Vellum constraints.

      Cheers, Mo

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