1. Nguyen Bui

    With Patreon In-Depth Knowledge. Will the hip file be possible to download?
    I just not only want to learn the knowledge but also how to render a scene’s look like this
    Thank you

  2. Hey there’s now a really handy sop in H18 called DistanceAlongGeometry that will create a distance attribute from point A to point B along the surface of a geometry, and thereafter output that as an attribute that can be used to drive simulations, like this thing, pyro spreading and more…

  3. Hello,
    I think there is an error in the falloff config.
    When I try it on my scene, all the primitives are triggered at the same time (I think the same happens in your video).
    In order to make it work I had to remove the attrib promote and in the vex do this:
    int pt = primpoints(0, @primnum)[0];
    float falloff = point(2,”mops_falloff”, pt);

    Can you clarify why this happens? I think the error is in @primnum but cannot say why.

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