1. Hi. I have run into a problem at the dopnet where my grains are all the same size after entering the expression for the scale-up wrangle. I am a beginner and don’t know what to do to diagnose the issue. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Vytas,

      imho the most efficient way to diagnose what went wrong it to open up a second instance of Houdini and compare your setup to the provided scene file node by node, line by line. That usually allows you to quickly figure out what caused the error.

      Keeping my fingers crossed!
      Cheers, Mo

      • BTW, the file uses the syntax “f@maxscale” in the “scale-up” wrangle node but in the video the syntax is “@maxscale”. Do both work and is there a difference in the output of this syntax?

  2. Syntax, syntax, syntax. So easy to mess things up just by missing the “f@”!

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