1. i made it but my points jumping so faraway from center and i got a lot of long straight lines…how can i fix i dont know?

    • Hi onder,

      have you compared your setup against the project file we provide? That’s usually the quickest way to figure out what went wrong.

      Cheers, Mo

  2. This taught me so much. I have now made my first digital asset, which implements this approach on an arbitrary set of points that you feed into it.

  3. I really like what you are doing here, but I see there is a lot of code there, it’s not complex code, but I wonder if this can be done just with nodes, for some things I wonder why you don’t use VOPs , it could be interesting to see how to access things like velocity and such attributes from VOPs, also for the constraints creation, could be interesting to see how to do all this without code.

    The problem with code is that you have to know the variables you want to access or the functions you want to modify, easy when you see it in the video, but very hard if you have to figure out yourself, however with nodes, things may be slower to build than a single line of code, but usually easier to remember and to discover new possibilities 🙂

    Please take this as a constructive criticism, not a negative one, I’m enjoying this course a lot 🙂

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