1. Very neat!
    Any specific reason why you’re not using the vellum post-process node to tidy things up after the sim?

        • I mean – there really isn’t a specific reason in this case… Interesting side note (maybe) is that most of post process’ functionality can be built using attribblur and subdivision SOPs. But really, no specific reason. sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          Cheers, Mo

  2. I found I needed to massively reduce the strength of the normalized vector force (* 0.004 instead of your *0.4) to get a similar behaviour, otherwise the cloth was attracted to the torus VERY powerfully.. pretty sure I followed everything exactly as per your demo… any ideas?

  3. i got same problem but i made
    vector f = normalize(npos – v@P) *.0004;
    like this and it is worked

  4. hello i add my animation in alembic and fbx formats but collider dont work and sphere(baloon) dont touch to my animation geometri, could you help me

    • Hi onder,

      make sure your animated geometry is converted to Houdini geometry. This often causes errors when using alembics. A simple way of fixing this would be to wire a convert node after your alembic node.

      Cheers, Mo

      • Dear Moritz, thank you so much … i like your studying technic, i would like to support you always…

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