VEX in Houdini: Movie Color Visualisation

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Quite some time ago I was trying to cook up something like the guys at Some setups that’d deconstruct a given movie into its individual colors in a visually pleasing manner. Recently I thought it was time to try another attempt. Instead of linearly mapping the individual frames’ colors on a 2D plane, this time I wanted to create something that took advantage of 3D space.

Download Project File (.zip)

The Idea here is to first read in individual movie frames and then convert the individual pixel’s RGB values into HSV color space and use the hue (converted to Radians) to map the individual pixels in a radial shape with saturation and value driving how far a given pixel can be from the center line of the timeline we’re building. In addition to that I found it quite interesting to get my hands dirty when working with strings in VEX to extract file paths for a movie’s individual frames. Hope you’re having fun with this one!

Schematic Overview of the Setup

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