VOPs Quicktip: Shaping Displacement Using Modulo & Noise

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My grudge with social media is that it is virtually impossible to find posts after a few weeks. I saw this effect on twitter in some real time engine. Unity or Unreal. I’d love to give credit to whoever cooked it up, but I’m unable to find that !”ยง$%& post again. So if you know who/what I’m talking about => comments plz!

EDIT: Oleg found it! https://twitter.com/adamshmamshon/status/1042642572852768768

The effect itself is quite straightforward. We’re using noise which we pipe through a modulo to generate those ridges. Drop down a few ramps to control the whole thing and you’ve built yourself a weirdly captivating displacement effect.

In this tut’s theory section we’re going over the thought process and the basic math behind those quick setups, in order to give you an idea of our reasoning when dissecting an effect.

Download Project File (.hip)

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks you for this tutorial and everything the others.
    I try to animate the ridges as you but I failed.
    Can you explain that a little, please ?


    • Hi Bastien,

      just animate the noise offset. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Im trying to animate the noise by setting a keyframe with respect to the amplitude. However, when I hit play nothing changes. How did you do it?

      Any help will be appreciated.


      • Hey Stefan,

        sometimes in VOPs it helps to not directly animate a VOP’s parameter but use a parm to expose a value to the pointvop then add this parm’s value to the value you want to animate and set the keyframes on the parms’ interface on the pointvop.

        Cheers, Mo

          • Are you able to specify this a little bit? I tried it few times and failed. I can add a parameter to the Multiply node but it doesn’t give me control over the Multiply slider on the VOP after all. I could only figure how to work it on Noise, both ramps etc, but still can’t seem to keyframe the Multiply on my pointvop… Please enlighten me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice! I would love to see more tutorial like these, covering the basics of functions and other math tricks. It would be really nice to have a Patreon series with these stuff. Cheers

  3. Garrett I

    Hi Moritz! Awesome tutorial and very cool effect.

    There is something in the video that is bugging me though. At 7:21 you make a parameter reference to the multiply constant node, and I believe by doing it this way it is not multi-threaded.

    Instead if you use a separate multiply and parameter node, it’ll be multi-threaded again.

    Thanks again for all your awesome content, you guys are part of the reason I’m semi-competent with Houdini today ๐Ÿ™‚

    • YES!!! Exactly this one – thx so much! Perfect. Cheers, Mo

  4. Hi Moritz,

    Can you explain how to assign differents shaders in peaks and in the troughs like your video ?


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