VEX in Houdini: Space Colonization

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Branching growth is fascinating as it has a lot of hidden structure to it and is very intricate. Many methods have been proposed over the years to model branching structures, like trees. One algorithm that is particularly beautiful and simple is the “Space Colonization” algorithm, that Adam Runions proposed in 2007. It models branches by looking at their competition for space. The space that contains the branches is filled with points that serve as attractors for the growing parts.

In todays tutorial, Manuel implements the algorithm by Runions in VEX inside of Houdini. By utilizing Houdinis high level VEX functions to find closest points it’s astonishingly easy to make this work. Follow Manuel while he creates a SOP solver that simulates this branching beahaviour.

Download the scene file

Have a look at Adam Runions original paper

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