1. thank you Manuel fantastic work I followed it to perfection, and I understood that SPREADSHEET orientation is very important since Houdini to such magnitude does not give error and you have to guide you in orientation.

  2. Maury Rosenfeld

    Thanks for this, a very enjoyable tutorial. Yes, it’s a bit complex, but fun to think through it, with you as the tour guide.

  3. Impressive technique to get that effect done. It’s very instructive to follow you through the concept and see how all is weaved together to achieve the result. I love the nice slice of VEX involved – Thanks a Ton as always Manuel, respect :)!

  4. amazing tutorial Manuel, thanks. Been going through the Vellum stuff on Patreon too. How would you go about combining this effect with vellum so maybe make the strips cloth as they unfold?

    Tried using the ‘animate’ parameter to pin with glue/cloth constraint which seems to work ok on a static unfold state, but when animating the effect can’t seem to get vellum to ‘takeover’ once the strips start to unfold. Probably going about the idea in the wrong way though…

    thanks again, learned a lot in this tutorial!

  5. IMO, this is much better than the effect they’ve been using in the X Men movies for the character Mystique. With the effect they’re using, you don’t really understand what happens in term on geometry because they’re using it on top of another effect, some kind of cross fade between the two textures, and in the end it doesn’t look much better than Michael Jackson’s Black or White clip from 1991.

  6. Hi Manuel, is it possible to show us the scaling part that you have mentioned at the end?

  7. And right now the rotation is happening all over the place, is it possible to limit it to only rotate 1 axis?

  8. Hello first of all thank you very much for that amazing tutorial. Second of all, I am new to houdini and am very interested in the last point you presented in the part 2 which is to scale de geo with the animation.
    Could you please direct me a little more in the right direction on how i could accomplish that effect?

    Thanks again

    • Hi,
      In the rotate node add this code:

      float angle = radians(ch(“angle”));
      angle *= @animate;

      matrix rotmat = ident();
      rotate(rotmat, angle, {1,0,0});

      vector scale_vector = {1,1,1};
      scale_vector *= fit01(@animate,1,0.95);
      matrix scalemat = ident();
      scale(scalemat, scale_vector);

      if(i@parent > -1){

      4@local_xform = scalemat*rotmat * 4@local_xform;

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