1. Not sure if you have addressed this somewhere: Can you recommend a / a few methods to convert attributes (eg. meeting a certain range of float values) to a group? Are there use cases in which this is useful?

    • Yes, there are absolutely cases, where this is useful! To group based on a specific value range, you’d use a Group Expression node. You need to write a small Vex expression to use it, however these can be pretty simple. Here are some examples:

      Group with a pscale value higher than 0.5:
      @pscale > 0.5

      Group with a density value between 0.2 and 0.8:
      @density > 0.2 && @density < 0.8 You can get a lot more complex with these expressions if needed or you can look at the Groups From Name or the Labs Group By Attribute node to create multiple groups at once from specific attribute values.

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