Axiom Solver: Dissolving Logo

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In our tradition to being late to the party, we’re giving Matt Puchala’s Axiom solver a spin. It’s a lightweight and fast pyro solver for SideFX Houdini, enabling interactive workflows with smoke or fire simulations.

In this video we’re gonna use it together with Houdini’s pyro spread and POPnet to build a dissolving logo animation.

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  1. Really cool effect, but I wonder how toy would set up the rendering part in Redshift.
    Any tips? 🙂

    • Hi Thomas,

      pretty much as in Octane: RS particle rendering, import the alpha into the shader, use that as opacity… nothing really special actually.
      Is there something particular that you’re struggling with?

      Cheers, Mo

      • Thank you for the reply.
        I missed the use of the Alpha in the shader.. Works like a charm!

  2. Mo, I’m having trouble making Redshift see the custom Alpha attribute. Any help, please?

  3. Hi Mo, thanks for another helpful tutorial!

    In addition to the content — I appreciate that you’ve made these available via YouTube. USUALLY having an ‘auto’ generated transcript makes taking notes easier… except when ‘auto’ assumes that you’re spreken Dutch and transcribes your slightly accented English AS Dutch, as it did for this video.

    FYI, ‘How to set the default language of a video you upload to YouTube’

  4. Maurizio

    Hi, great tutorial. Did you have out-of-memory problems rendering this with Octane? I made a scene where all the simulations are based on this tutorial. Most settings are pretty similar to yours. My scene is 176 frames but in my test renders so far I could only render the initial part of the sequence as when the particles get too heavy as the simulation progresses, Octane crashes with an out-of-memory error. I have an RTX 3070 8GB. I enabled out-of-core but it doesn’t seem to be enough. What shall I do to optimize the scene for rendering? Otherwise, should I try a different renderer? Thanks.

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