Bubbles Yet Again: Implementing Glassner’s Bubble Triplets in VEX

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Bubbles. Again. How thrilling. Wait – before you leave hear me out: Building this setup was one major step for me towards becoming brave enough to tackle implementing my first computer graphics paper.

Andrew Glassner wrote a fantastic article about how soap bubble triplets form and how to recreate them in the 3D app of your choice (given it has some scripting capability). In my opinion going through this article and rebuilding the setup in Houdini creates some valuable experiences which might prove to be useful along your path down this rabbit hole of computer graphics.

Be warned though, we’ll be doing our fair bit of (not too complicated) VEX in this one.

Further Reading

Andrew Glassner’s Notebook on soap bubbles (pt. 1)

Andrew Glassner’s Notebook on soap bubbles (pt. 2)

Project Assets

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  1. the project file download seems to be broken here. a bug maybe?

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