Custom Particle System in VEX

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Dobromir of Inlifethrill Designs asked us how we’d go about recreating this. And as I’m quite untalented with Houdini’s particle system, I turned to VEX to create this custom particle system in which individual particles attract each other.

EDIT: As Theo pointed out in the comments I made quite a severe coding mistake when iterating over all points for doing the physics sim.

This line in Pointwrangle2 in the solver:

for(int i = 0; i < @ptnum; i++){

should read like this:

for(int i = 0; i < @numpt; i++){

I fixed that error in this file.
Thanks Theo for pointing that out!

In this tutorial we’re going over the math and physics behind our particle system as well as the implementation of such a system in VEX.

I’m aware this might not be the fastest method of creatig such a system, so if you’ve got a more straightforward approach, we’d be thrilled if you share it!

Download Project File (.hipnc)

Download Project File – Physically implausible setup but funny results (.hipnc)

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