Easy Soap Film Shader

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By far the most frequent question we received after our minimal surfaces tutorial was “how do you build that bubble shader?”. The wait is over – in this tutorial we’ll go over how to build a plausible soap film shader in Houdini’s Mantra and Octane standalone.

After going into detail what thin film interference is (this is the main phenomenon causing those rainbow-like colors on a soap bubble), we’ll take a look at how soap films behave in real life before attempting two methods to build actual shaders based on these observations. If you’re interested in doing a soap film shader the “proper” way – there’s this brilliant paper on soap bubbles by Andrew Glassner.

It occurred to me that I did not mention to check the “Thin Film Refraction”-Checkbox in Mantra’s Classic Shader. You should definitely do that 🙂

Download Project Files (.orbx / .hipnc)

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