Guest Tutorial: Path Solver

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We’re thrilled to have Houdini artist supreme Vladyslav Lavrenov for a guest tutorial. And quite a hefty one!

Vlad takes us through his reasoning and steps to build a path solver in Houdini to have seemingly random momevements on a grid form a coherent behaviour.

Download Project File

Or get the solver as convenient HDA over at: Vlad’s Gumroad

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  1. Please dont fast forward through the typing. It makes us delayed to the tutorial and needs us to catch up which cuts the flow

  2. Hello!

    The link of the project files seems to be broken, didn’t worked here on two machines and different browsers, can you check it please?

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial, I’m very curious about how did you managed the pyramid rotations on your scene.

    C. Dordelly

  3. Great tutorial! I have a question concerning why, within the Feedback Loop, you used ” && ii@block == 0″ for the Available_cells wrangle and then used “&& point (0, “block”, pt) == 0″ for the Available_pts wrangle. Why are they not both the same ?


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