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We’re happy to present to you another special guest on Entagma – this time it’s Yader (who some of you might know through his great Cinema 4D tutorials). In his tutorial he’s gonna shed some light on how he built his Poly Garden setup that allows you to grow abstract polygonal shapes.

Download Project File (.hiplc)

In order to understand whats going on here’s a quick breakdown of the algorithm. What Yader does in each simulation step is this:

– First we take a triangle mesh and resample each triangle into a closed polygon with 6 points. This yields the skewed hexagonal shapes we’ll be working on.

– Next we use the relax SOP to push the hexagon’s points apart. The trick is to slightly increase the point separation (aka “how far to push the points apart”) each frame, so our points keep moving.

– After our hexagons have been pushed around without intersecting each other the final step is to create additional polygons to slowly fill the area with an incerasing number of polygons. To do this we randomly select some existing polygons (aka some og the hexagons) and subdivide them into triangles. Those triangles will be converted into hexagons and their points relaxed in the next solver step.

– And that is it. See this diagram:


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