1. Lucio Freitas

    Great tutorial! Love it.

    I have a question tho.

    How can I render using the original color form the texture? I plan to use an image sequence (footage) instead of a photo.


  2. Hi Moritz,

    thanks a lot for the tutorials, very helpful. Speaking of which: I’m trying to install them following the “packages” dir method but it’s not working (Houdini 18 Apprentice). The instructions are pretty straight forward but alas, not working; MOPS are not showing up in Houdini. Do I maybe need a Indie version like for the 3rd party renderers?



    • Hi Mauro,

      sorry – I can’t answer this one… Might be a viable question to ask on the MOPs Forum.

      Cheers, Mo

      • That being said, why not try the .env-Method?

        Cheers, Mo

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