Houdini In Five Minutes 18: SOPs, Redshift & MOPs – Isocontours: Setting Up The Particles

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Part of: Houdini in Five Minutes
Houdini In Five Minutes

In our final project for this first sprint of “Houdini in five minutes” we’re gonna build a tactical shooter style isocontour map with a bunch of moving particles. We’re gonna be using Houdini’s built in SOPs, a bit of MOPs (www.motionoperators.com) and Redshift (www.redshift3d.com). In this second part we’re setting up moving particles using MOPs.

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  1. Hi Moritz and team – your tutorials are wonderful – thankyou.

    I’ve hit an error when wiring in to a move along spline node.

    Invalid source /obj/particles/MOPs_Move_Along_Spline1/apply_new_goals/attribvop1
    Error: Vex error: Unable to load shader ‘op:/obj/particles/MOPs_Move_Along_Spline1/apply_new_goals/attribvop1’.

    I may beable to crack it one Ive done your VEX course 😉 Until then, can you suggest how best to solve?

    I have tried a simple clean scene, and also creating a new move along spline node in your project scene.

    Thanks again for this resource, keep it up!

  2. Hey Dan,

    to me that sounds like the kind of error message you might want to report to Henry over at motionoperators.com

    Sorry to be not really helpful here.
    Cheers, Mo

  3. Thanks Mo, Marshall. So Henrys already on it! What an amazing collection of tools.

    Appreciate the advice guys,


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