Interference Patterns On Surfaces

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Today we’re revisiting an old setup of ours: Creating intricate interference patterns using circular waves. Time has passed since Mo built the first version of this in 2018 and now, with Houdini 19.5, we got a new node that finally allows us to calculate those patterns on 3d surfaces as well.

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  1. Hi and thank you for the great tutorial!
    How would I make scattered points pop into existence one after another (kinda simulating rain drops).
    I gave it a try with a popnet as well with an offset in an additional point wrangle. Couldn’t figure out a solution, thought I might give it a try and ask here.
    Thank you again for the great content you’re putting out here constantly!

    • Hey Quirin, this setup here isn’t really built for a raindrop-like effect. For this I’d much rather use the new Ripple Solver in Houdini 20: Wire your base geo in the first two inputs of that solver. Then copy some small spheres onto your particles and wire them into the third input of the solver (the collision geometry input). Then you just need to tweak the solver parameters until it looks good.

  2. Hey. I already tried the ripple solver and it looked like no wave interference is happening at all, at least not visible and the effect was very uniform. But I’ll give it another go. Thank you for the quick response!

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