1. Love your tutorials, but please fix levels on the sound effect in the beginning. The voice of the teacher is quiet while the intro has this high pitch sound that rips through my ears every time.

    • Hey Ignash, yes this a problem in those earlier episodes due to me being not very experienced with audio (Along with some quite muffled “s”-sounds in my voice). This should be fixed at least at Ep 20 in this series, probably a good bit earlier (I don’t have the project files on hand to check right now).
      Cheers, Chris

  2. Hey! Chris chiming in here: This episode uses FBX Files, which sometimes can cause issues with KineFX. We’ve adressed these issues and all our known solutions in Episode 31 of this course. If something in your setup isn’t behaving as shown in the video and the error persists if you load the scenefile, give Ep31 a watch!

  3. Hi Chris – I’m having some problems with getting the scene file working correctly – in the network box “Intro Animation” the 3rd (run and jump) is not working. The motionclipsequence4 and motionclipextractpose2 show the sequence correctly but after them the last sequence disappears.

    Also can you clarify which episode addresses FBX issues? I don’t think ep. 31 is correct.

    • Hey Jackie, ep. 31 is the correct episode about FBX issues, however this seams like you encountered a new one! If you’ve already tried both the scenefile you can download for this episode and the fixes from ep. 31 and still encounter the same problem, then my next guess would be the clipinfo detail attribute on the imported animations. This stores info about the animation range in seconds, framerate and so on and is used in a lot of kinefx nodes for timing.
      Make sure this attribute is present on all animated outputs of those FBX import nodes and the values inside that attrib seam logical. If something’s off you can manually override this attribute in the parameters of each motionclip node.

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