Nerd Rant 2.0 – Ep.0: We redecorated, Manu is a professor, Mo struggles with livestreaming tech

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Nerd Rant

Yes we’re aware there are some black frames in there, yes the audio is slightly offset, no we don’t have a proper intro yet… but…

Took us some time, but we’re (a)live again. This episode should’ve ended up being a test, hidden away in some arcane folder, but we were hyped about (nots of) our tech working, we decided to just release it as a prologue to what’s about to come on a biweekly basis: Nerd rants are back!

In this particular episode, Manu and Mo discuss what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past years, ramble on about redecorating a basement and are generally as awkward as ever.

Nuremberg Tech’s faculty of design

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  1. Nice to have you guys back. Your Pop’s work is awesome & I would love a gallery walkthrough of his work. Thanks for everything.

  2. Cool to hear that Blender has become so easy to use. That was not how people thought about it 20 years ago 🙂
    Looking forward to the new tutorials!

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