Nerd Rant 2.0 – Ep.0: We redecorated, Manu is a professor, Mo struggles with livestreaming tech

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Nerd Rant

Yes we’re aware there are some black frames in there, yes the audio is slightly offset, no we don’t have a proper intro yet… but…

Took us some time, but we’re (a)live again. This episode should’ve ended up being a test, hidden away in some arcane folder, but we were hyped about (nots of) our tech working, we decided to just release it as a prologue to what’s about to come on a biweekly basis: Nerd rants are back!

In this particular episode, Manu and Mo discuss what’s been going on behind the scenes for the past years, ramble on about redecorating a basement and are generally as awkward as ever.

Nuremberg Tech’s faculty of design

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  1. Cool to hear that Blender has become so easy to use. That was not how people thought about it 20 years ago 🙂
    Looking forward to the new tutorials!

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