Nerd Rant: Blender Hype

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Nerd Rant

You Asked for it – there you have it: Two hobgoblinish nerds rambling on about computer graphics in general and Blender and the recent hype in particular.

EDIT: “That 3D Format” whose name we couldn’t remember turns out to be gltF – thanks Vasilis!

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  1. Vasilis Triantafyllou

    Nice talk, I think you were looking for Gltf there? 🙂

  2. If you do blender tutorials, make sure to do them with “industry standard” shortcuts. XD

  3. I really like that Nerd Rants. Looks like Blender has a lot to offer.
    I’d love to see tutorials on how Blender and Houdini could work together.

  4. Houdini + Blender can be a really killer combo. I see myself using C4D less and less, so maintenance a subscription just for open it a few time it’s not really afforable. Blender can be a good alternative for this + the realtime engine tempting me a lot!
    Nice rant as always guys! And I second the Linux rant!

  5. check out the function branch in the experimental daily builds download area. It’s the beginning of the new everything node’s system (similar workflow to Houdini).

  6. Yeaaah, video sequencer not so great but we are adopted the Linux + Blender + Houdini Indie pipeline to small animation company. It is so pure, i love it XD

  7. It’s really cool to see a mature point of view on an always “click bailt” topic. Keep it up!

    I’m really pleased with Blender, coming from a 10 years C4D veteran, specially due its price and for what it offers. “It’s free and it’s good”, as you said.

    The transparency of Blender development it’s something else as well. Regarding VSE, they said that from 2.82 foward it will receive some updates regarding Disk Caching and functions, which will improve performance. The same about the Compositor, wich can become a small composite app by itselft. Maybe a good fit for motion graphics and/or 30s ads.

  8. Yes please! Transitioned to Blender with 2.80 after 10 years of giving it a try and deleting it immediately.

    I’d love to see what you can do with sverchok, animation nodes and the like. It’d be also great to hear what you think about the particle nodes/everything nodes plans on devtalk.

  9. YEEES!! Was so looking forward for the next nerd rant and here it is! Made my day far better. Thanks guys!

    Would love Blender tutorials if they are connected to Houdini somehow.

  10. Im c4d/houdini user, Im on my way to be blender/houdini user for the same reason, powerfull and free sowtware, but one of the things that im struggling is with the attributes from houdini to blender in for example particles. In c4d we can read particles attributes with xpresso, but in blender i still cant found a way to read this attributes, maybe in the future will be more easy. But nice thoughts about blender and the future, Im excited about the new blender content from you guys.

    • Dimitri Paiva

      You can try Animation Nodes or the Work in Progress BParticles, due to release probably this year.

  11. some videos about blender/houdini workflows would be awesome! For example modeling a subD sculpture in blender and then jump into houdini and add some surface ornamentation or use it as a collider object for vellum or particle systems etc…

  12. I also tried to learn Blender several years ago. I spent weeks going through tutorials, memorizing countless keyboard shortcuts, had to step away from it for 2 months and when I returned, I stared dumbly at the program, having forgotten how to do even the simplest things. Glad it has a proper interface now but it left a horrible impression.

    These days I use it to convert odd file formats for Houdini, such as collada (.dae files).

  13. I think the future bears a large chance for an open source 3D/rendering software toolkit that blender is. It benefits heavily from the community and the open source idea. Companies can hire and pay software engineers to develop features or provide bugfixes, rather than waiting for support or a new release of a software package by a closed source program by a company that they pay license fees to. This is in my opinion a much more sustainable way towards an industry standard and a well maintained shared software basis than having multiple competitors all developing nearly the same functionality under the hood.

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