Shadow Projections

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When stumbling upon Kumi Yamashita’s amazing artworks, we felt inspired to try our hand at the underlying technique of projecting shadows from a light source.

In this tutorial we’ll be creating shapes and object arrangements that form a shadow image when hit with a single light source from the right angle. And then render it using Octane Render.

Project Assets

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  1. Any particular reason why you used the ray SOP instead of just using the lerp-ed z-position of the random points?

    • I’m not sure I get the question, but usually there are many ways of achieving a certain result in Houdini and the one we’re going for might only be one of several absolutely valid techniques. So feel free to alter, tinker and change as you wish 🙂

      Cheers, Mo

      • Definitely, in Houdini, most of the time, many many roads lead to Rome…

        After watching again: I missed a part which makes my remark pointless (apparently multi-tasking doesn’t work that well for me…).
        I thought you lerp-ed between the (resampled) shadow edge and the light position. If that was the case, you could have used the z-coordinate directly for the height of the pins. But you used points from a straight line, and thus you needed the ray SOP…

        Always good to see different approaches to the same problem.

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