The Houdini Donut Tutorial!

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Simon Fiedler just informed me that in fact we’re not the first ones to do a Houdini Donut tut. Dang! Kudos to Konstantin Magnus!

Mo has recently started learning Blender. (Don’t worry – we won’t ditch Houdini. We just think Blender makes for a nice addition to our toolkit.) And while watching a certain popular donut tutorial, it became painfully obvious that sometimes procedural modeling is king.

As is the case with raspberries. Once you analyze which parts make an individual raspberry, it’s straightforward to model one procedurally in Houdini.

Additionally the procedural nature of our berry allows us to generate a wide variety of different berries by simply adjusting our setup’s parameters.

Download Project File

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  1. Hi there! I am trying to debug my problem but I cannot download the project file. Are they still available?

    • Thanks for the nudge – just fixed the link! 🙂 Cheers, Mo

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