VEX in Houdini: Strange Attractors

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In this tutorial we’ll focus on two extremely powerful tools inside of Houdini: VEX and solvers. VEX is houdini’s scripting language. It is multithreaded (which means fast) and based on C (which means it’s also similar to Processing, Arduino, Java, Javascript, C++ and C#).

Solvers on the other hand allow you to repeat operations over and over again. More precisely they allow you to perform a sequence of operations on the previous results of that same operations. They come in very handy when building any kind of simulation. Also once you grasp the concept they are rather straightforward.

We’re gonna use both VEX and a solver in order to plot strange attractors. Withouth going into too much detail: Strange attractors are a set of formulas that (usually) move a point around in 3D space. The resulting curve from that motion looks quite appealing and (when rendered properly) is a nice addition in your generative toolkit.

As a reference for anything about strange attractors, this site comes in quite handy (it’s german but google translate does a fair job).

Download Project File (.hipnc)

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