Advanced Setups 23 – Controlling Stable Diffusion With Houdini

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Part of: Advanced Setups
Advanced Setups

Of course Mo could take the high road and build a stable diffusion pipeline using Huggingface’s Diffusers library… But let’s not kid ourselves. Thanks to Automatic1111’s API Mo can duct tape together Houdini and WebUI to use both of these awe inspiring powerful tools to generate… dog images. Welcome to the brave new world that is design!

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  1. I’m running into a problem where Houdini 19.5 wants Python 3.9, but Stable Diffusion wants Python 3.10.6. I have some environment variables set, so I just edit those if I want 3.9 or 3.10.6, depending on what I want to play with. How are you handling these version differences? Are you running SD on a virtual environment and leave the OS environment variables set for Houdini?

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