1. Can you use elements from other renderers like Octane and Redshift in Solaris?

    • Hey! In general: Yes! Solaris does support different rendering engines, just as SOPs (or Houdini in general does). However it’s still up to the company making the renderer to support Solaris in their plugin. Redshift does seem to support Solaris (according to their documentation), but we haven’t had the time to test it yet. Octane offers an extra plugin for Solaris, which was still missing some features, when we last tested it a couple of months ago, but this was still a beta build and you may have a more complete product now since it’s out of beta.
      So, as with any render engine in any program: Test the engine first, before you use it in your next huge project 🙂

  2. i didnt get the idea of the color node here. it was to get something like a vertex map in c4d and use as map for 2 materials or like?

    • Yes, that’s it. You can see me use this color attrib in the octane setup to blend between two textures of the flower object. That being said: You can of course plug a color attrib directly into, say, the diffuse color slot of a shader. And most render engines in Houdini allow you to use any attrib on your geometry to control stuff in your shader, not just color. Still, a color attrib is something that’s universally understood in every render engine and every other 3d software you might want to export to, which is the reason I chose it here.

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