1. Mark Kinsman

    I just want any pay for view tutorials that cover, city grid creation, city blocks feature in houdini, road creation and houdini engine workflow to UE5. I cant see much details on what these tutorials acomplish, as its blocked. Does what I want exist for non students, all I see is world creation seminars, going over the abstract vague process, I just want to learn. I am learning “houdini isnt scary course” and I am at expert level in UE blueprints. Please advise. Mark

    • Hey Mark,
      this project is less about creating a believable city than it is about getting comfortable creating and manipulating attributes. Unfortunately I’m also not aware of any courses covering city generation in detail, but I can recommend DokaiTutorials on Youtube for their videos on procedural road and building generation. You’ll also find some tools and tutorials about this topic around the SideFX Labs toolset.

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