1. All of the videos are currently unavailable to patreons, they have been locked out with privacy settings ??

    • Hi Kai,

      just checked, seems all good on our end. Do you maybe have some sort of ad blocker enabled? That sometimes interfers with Patreon.

      Cheers, Mo

  2. Jonathan

    Hello, thank you so much for the lesson! It was awesome. I just have a question: what if I want to move the external cylinders a bit closer and make them collide with the rocks as well? I’m experimenting, but I couldn’t get it to work. There must be an easy solution, right? Thank you again!

    • Hey Jonathan, sure thing! To move the cylinders closer, simply adjust the center-z coordinate of the tube node. You may want to animate this value over the first view frames so that no piece will intersect the cylinders on frame 1. To make the pieces collide, you’ll first of all want to pipe the cylinders into the 4th input of the rbd solver together with the sphere. So bring your cylinders into the main setup using an object-merge node referencing the copy-to-points node in your cylinders object. Then wire in a merge node (not to be confused with the object-merge) just above the 4th input of the rbd solver and wire both your object-merge and the “Collider” null into that merge. Finally on the rbd solver, head to the collision tab and under collision type select “Deforming”. Then your setup should work.

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