Constraint Networks For Rigid Body Simulations

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Ever tried having a bunch of instances rotating without intersecting each other? It’s a task we commonly encounter. The solution that usually works for us is a constraint network that’ll pin our instances to their position while still allowing them to rotate freely.

In this tutorial we’ll build said constraint network and used it with bullet dynamics on packed primitives. Also we’ll go over how to get an initial rotation from a texture map.

Download Project File (.zip)

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  1. Tim Uhlemann

    PERFECT I LOVE IT! Keep going you are the best!

    Greetings from Stuttgart

  2. I love the font that you use in your illustrator files, could I ask what it is?

  3. You guys are awesome!

    I added a bit of curl noise to the angular velocity and made the best self_portrait ever.

    Thank you!!

  4. Dimitri S.

    Are there advantages to use

    over somethign like:

    s@name = conname;
    ? I am genuinely curious.


    • In this particular case “setpointattrib()” function was used because he was setting the attribute of the newly created point, the point created inside same wrangle. If he used “s@name = …”, the attribute would be added to the original points and not the new ones.

    • Jake Hamill

      Hi David! In the constraint network field just choose the “OUT_Constraints” null operator. The path should look like this.


  5. Hey getting some weird behaviour of the packed prims freezing totally every so often with some settings. I had it in my recreated tutorial file around frame 50 when I rotated the starting pos of the cubes, and then opened your project file and just added a bit of noise to the post solve ‘w’ attribute in the solver. Now my end it seems to get to about frame 140 and they all totally freeze.

    Doesn’t seems to be that they are intersecting and blocking each other, as none of the boxes move after this point even a little. any thoughts on what might be causing?


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