1. Hi Mo, thansk for the tuts, perfect in timing since i’m working on a visualization project for a desinger…..is the glass in the cover using displacing for the relief? Is there any particular setup to work with refractive and displaced geometry? I ask you since i’m getting weird result in refraction using basically the same technique but with displaced geometry, thanks!!

  2. Hi Mattia,

    the cover rendering setup should be included in the project files – it’s just using extrusion, no displacement so far. And yeah, I’d expect displacement to have a few weird effects in combination with caustics. But I haven’t tried that yet.

    Cheers, Mo

  3. Hi Mo,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Do you think problem could be on refraction too?

  4. Hi Mattia,

    sorry, I haven’t tried displacement plus caustics in a refractive object yet, so I can only speculate. Which wouldn’t be very helpful I’m afraid 🙂

    Cheers, Mo

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