Houdini 17 Quicktip: Setting Up Colored Smoke

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Smoke and mirrors! Well Smoke mainly in this quicktip. We’ll look at a few of Houdini 17’s new pyro features – namely the new sourcing workflow and the ability to (easily) color your smoke simulation using a mesh’s colors.

Houdini 17 brought a few changes when it comes to setting up smoke simulations. Emission is now handled by generating points and then turning them into a sparse volume to be used as source in your DOPnet. That might seem a bit alien at first but makes sense once you use a pyro-sim in conjunction with particles or debris (VFX anyone?).

Another (at least for motion graphics) huge feature is the ability to now easily color smoke in H17. Not that this was impossible in pre-17 days, it just got a whole lot easier. Granted – a donut isn’t the most spectacular shape to fill with (donut-)colored smoke but you get the idea. Use it for shoes, cars, watches, whatever product you’ll need to apply a bit of colorful smoke to…

Download Free Donut 3D Scan
Download Project File (.hip)

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