Kitbash Vein Growth Part 2

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This time we extend the setup from two weeks ago.

Randomly selected branches are added to the vein. We create rendering geometry for the splines and eventually make the vein grow. To grow the branches we have a look at the adjustPrimLength() VEX function from the groom library.

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  1. 20 years doing images in CG but not much into Houdini which totally renew my excitation, you are my lighthouse and favorite mentor! Thanks for being here , clever and smart, always keeping my interest and knowledge alive.
    Looking at this, i will like to creat a setup which look like a good challenge for you in my mind if you dare to accept it 🙂 🙂
    At least, please share you thought and expertise…

    Basically, im aiming to make a random concept tool using a given kitbashing 3d objet.
    It will randomize pos/rot/scal of the different kitbashing group , stopping when either the given max number of iteration is reached or if the resulting obj is going outside the given volume guide.
    You could define the max total number of kitbash obj to scatter and also the deep iteration level. i.e: At the second iteration the obj to scatter on is the resulting built object of the first scatter iteration. The new piece will try to find a suitable orientation given a new random position. Maybe we could add some rules here too..?

    Finally, it will be in a PDG, will render a preview of the final result before trying another random seed. You could review the different result in the PDG contact sheet. Not trivial … How does it sound to you?

  2. Philippe

    Hey everyone, just FYI I think I had a more recent version of Houdini installed and the sweep command is different. instead of mapping circles to backbone curves, I was able to set the surface shape parameter to “round tube” and adjust the number of columns to achieve a fairly smooth result.

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