Mograph Liquids: Controlling FLIP Fluids Via Curve Forces

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Been going through a few of Jeff Wagner’s feature presentations from a the last few Houdini releases and stumbled upon a gem which I thought I’d base a setup on: Controlling FLIP fluids using a curve. Throw in a tiny bit of VDB/VEX magic and a bit of shading in Octane and you get a watered down typographic logo.

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  1. Shaun McLellan

    Ha! Attaching a grid to the camera. First time i’ve seen that. That’s why I love to always watch your tuts no matter how simple they may seem. One thing I wanted to add Mo is when your attribute values for the Octane shader changes over time, you need to change the “Rendering Mode” from “Update Scene” to “Full Scene Reload” in the “Main” tab of the Octane ROP or the values won’t animate. Cheers! Thanks again.

    • The .zip contains four files: One .hdr, one .ai and two .hip files. Just checked, the download is working. You might wanna check if the file unzipped correctly. Cheers, Mo

  2. Hello Moritz,

    Thanks for this, I have followed the tutorial, and works like a charm.
    I am using Redshift and for some reason, I can’t get the motion blur to work.
    I have already activated “Enable Mesh Deformations Blur” in Redshift Setting and the object settings. I also renamed the velocity point attribute from v to vel.
    What am I doing wrong?

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