Nerd Chat: Matthias Winckelmann – Unreal Engine, AI Influencers & Realtime

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Watch Matthias’ Unreal Engine Quickstart here.

Matthias Winckelmann talks Unreal Engine, his perspective on realtime in the commercial space, AI design influencers and what to expect (and what not) from real time engines in a design context.

You might know Matthias from “Rachael is not real”, an AI design influencer bot that posts daily renderings to instagram.

Matthias has been using Unreal Engine in his personal design process for quite a while now. We’re thrilled he agreed to share with us a no bullshit intro to what working in Unreal is like.

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  1. I’m a 3D motion designer, I come from Cinema 4d, just curious, I would like to learn a new tool, Houdini or Unreal? Which one makes more sense lately.

  2. Very interesting conversation. I am impressed by what I see produced with Unreal Engine. What I can’t understand is how to make it viable commercially. Traditional CGI relies on Images and Animations, so simple files that can be shared with anyone. The true potential of Unreal is in the interactivity and until web interaction doesn’t become a real possibility it will require a powerful machine to run, therefore difficult to distribute. I am talking from an advertising and arch-viz point of view.

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