Procedurally Modeling A Raspberry

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Mo has recently started learning Blender. (Don’t worry – we won’t ditch Houdini. We just think Blender makes for a nice addition to our toolkit.) And while watching a certain popular donut tutorial, it became painfully obvious that sometimes procedural modeling is king.

As is the case with raspberries. Once you analyze which parts make an individual raspberry, it’s straightforward to model one procedurally in Houdini.

Additionally the procedural nature of our berry allows us to generate a wide variety of different berries by simply adjusting our setup’s parameters.

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  1. Adam Belis

    modeling dough non procedurally is not a best idea 😀

  2. Niccolò

    Hi Moritz,
    you’re houdini’s tutorials are the best. I have to do a noob question, when I try to export the 3d file to Cinema4D or another software I see just one obj and not separated druplets. I think that I have to assign like and index to each druplets and then export. Can you suggest me a way?
    Thank you

    • Hi Niccolò,

      use a connectivity-SOP to give each individual drupelet a class-attribute, then use that in the ROP-Alembic-Output’s “Build Hierarchy From Attribute” option. Or just stay in Houdini and spare yourself some hassle 🙂

      Cheers, Mo

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