Production Setup Walkthrough: Color Dust Explosion

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Happy holidays everyone! After my planned snow globe tutorial turned more into a disgusting alien egg thingy, I decided to instead dig out a production setup I did a while ago, doing the (very) popular dustsplosion.

Being late to the party is my personal special trick – but hey at least I managed to finally do a colored explosion too. This is a combination of various particle and smoke simulations, all rendered in Redshift.

This tutorial is a bit different in that it is a walkthrough through an existing setup, so we’re spending more time on setting up parameters and variations of individual simulations than building an individual technique from scratch. Let us know in the comments if that’s something we should consider doing more often.

00:19 – Emitter Setup
02:15 – Building The Main Particle Sim
03:21 – Emitting Particles From Particles
04:55 – Making Our Sim behave Organically
09:09 – Recap: Our Archetiypical Particle Setup
10:02 – Adding Detail Through Additional Particles
13:52 – Setting Up The Smoke Emitter
16:54 – Creating The Smoke Sim
21:49 – Adding Yet Another Particle Sim
23:15 – Setting Up For Particle Rendering In Redshift
27:50 – Setting Up Pyro Sims for Rendering
30:00 – Quickie: Hints on Redshift Rendering
33:20 – Happy Holidays!

Download Project File (.zip)

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