Quicktip: Rayleigh Taylor Instability (Season 3 Is Here!)

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Yeeeha! We are back. To start off season three in a gentle way, let’s look at an easy setup to produce intricate eye candy. Also watch Mo burning his fingers on microwaved ink. The pleasures of real world experiments.

This was one of the questions we received while on season break: How would we go about creating a Rayleigh Taylor instability. After quickly brushing up on our fluid dynamics knowledge and conducting quite a funny real world experiment (“Let’s see if this really works!”), which involved microwaving dye, wo came up with a pretty simple setup that nevertheless generates quite amazing detail in the fluid swirls that are so typical of the phenomenon called Rayleigh Taylor instability.

Download Scene File (.hip)

For more theoretical background we can highly recommend FYFluidDynamic’s explanation as well as this impressive real world footage:

FYFluidDynamics on the Rayleigh Taylor Instability
Impressive real world example of Rayleigh Taylor Instability

P.S.: It’s good to be back 🙂

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