Quicktip: Instancing In Redshift (Bonus: Particle Advection)

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Last week Germany was still under a massive heat wave. And an office doesn’t get colder by running smoke sims and rendering. That’s why I had to keep this one relatively short (let’s call it a speedrun): We’ll build a particle system advected by a smoke sim and demonstrate how to set up instancing in Redshift.

This one uses relatively few lines of VEX and the whole particle system even works without any VEX. Oldschool Houdini workflow I’d say. It still amazes me how quick Redshift is when it comes to rendering instances – just for fun the particles in the intro animation are a pighead, a torus and a platonic solid. Because why not… 🙂

Download Project File (.zip)

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  1. Hi, what about the shading!? I am trying to achieve that exact look in a personal particle project and im not able to get it! I guess the gold redshift preset isn’t the best approach… haha! Thank you very much for the tut tho, the wrangle trick to instance is awesome!

  2. Christopher

    Have they changed the source volume node? There is now a volume source node, it does not have the same SOP to DOP options however

  3. Is there a way to add my point color to these instances?

    Thanks, Lucas

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