Rope Typography Using Houdini’s Vellum & Octane Render

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After seeing polygonpen’s C4D Rope tutorial on Lesterbanks, we though – why not give it a go in Houdini.

So in this tutorial we’re gonna go over creating a basic vellum sim which will form the backbone of our rope typo, then creating said rope and finally rendering it using Octane Render.

Project Assets

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  1. S.Mukunthan

    Hi. I’m a somewhat intermediate artist who just started to use Houdini. I recently saw this tutorial in YouTube. When I recreated this tin my pc the the vellum solver showed error stating invalid source. I stumbled upon it. I couldn’t resolve whatever I tried. So then I downloaded your asset file in the video description when I opened your project file I had the same issue.

    How to resolve this type of issue?

  2. Hi S.,

    just rechecked both scene files and they both work, even on the new H19 production build (H19.0.383). The only error messages popping up here are related to Octane if you haven’t installed it. However the underlying geo creation (what this tut is all about) still works. So you might wanna check your Houdini installation and version.

    Cheers, Mo

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