Bubbles Again: Simulating Soap Swirls Using FLIP

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By now it might have become apparent that Mo might be a bit fixated with soap bubbles and soap films. We covered Minimal Surfaces, soap film shading in Octane and in Redshift.

Yet we deliberately omitted one crucial step in rendering nice soap bubbles: Creating those intricate swirls on their surface. Rejoice – in this video Mo will shed light onto what it takes to set up a fast FLIP sim resulting in high detailed swirls.

Further Reading

Andrew Glassner’s Notebook on soap bubbles (pt. 1)

Andrew Glassner’s Notebook on soap bubbles (pt. 2)

Project Assets

Texture from Texture Haven

HDR from HDRI Haven

Download Project File

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  1. Enrique Centeno

    Beautifully done, as always

    Thank you for sharing so much knowledge =)

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